This term, Tricycle Readers reads have included short stories from Chinua Achebe, Rose Tremaine, Julian Barnes, Salman Rushdie, and Nadine Gordimer. All these classic writers provide profound insights into the human condition through single scenes and/or singular narratives. People assume writing shorts is easier than writing novels. That isn’t necessarily true. Characters and situations have to […]

No 7 Haddon Hall, 42 Southend Road, Beckenham We knew the address by heart. God knows how many times we’d told our mums we were going down to Church Street Market and had, instead, got the number 16 bus to Victoria, taken a train to Beckenham, and stood outside David Bowie’s house. This time was no different. […]

Tricycle Readers is back on a new day and at a new time with new texts and new faces – are you ready to join us? The group meets in the Creative Space at the Tricycle Theatre from 7pm to 8.30 on Wednesday evenings starting September 30th. Everyone’s welcome. Please email beforehand if you can […]

This week Zadie Smith joined Tricycle Readers for the evening and read us her novella, The Embassy of Cambodia. The story is set walking distance from the Tricycle Theatre where we meet every Monday evening, the embassy itself squatting dumpily on the corner of Sidmouth and Brondesbury Roads, an ugly, part-pebbledash, thirties villa, half hidden behind a […]

After an Easter break, Tricycle Readers is back in the Paintbox Space at the Tricycle Theatre on the evening of Monday April 20. If you are inclined to join us, please do – we have work from Graham Swift and Stevie Smith. Later this term we are lucky to be hosting Zadie Smith who’ll be […]

This morning my plan was to curl up on the sofa, shamelessly privileging indolence over activity on a splendid spring Saturday, and watch back-episodes of the long dead Keifer Sutherland series, 24. This was scuppered when the dishwasher man, who had not responded to a single texted call for help across the week, suddenly rang […]

In recent weeks there’ve been few points of light to lift a work-strewn, chore-heavy, deadline-driven, and often bleak midwinter landscape. Angela Carter’s classic gothic tale, The Company of Wolves, rich with evocative prose from the shape-shifting heart of a forest teeming with lycanthropes, captures the mood of the season perfectly. We read it this week […]

Light matters. This is the first discovery on moving our Tricycle Readers meetings to evenings. It’s easy to follow a story on the page when a room is flooded with natural light, but electric lights cast shadows and create dark patches. Having struggled a  little with Kazoo Ishiguro last Monday, this week I set our […]

Our household was alive with the sound of viruses over the seasonal break: grunting, coughing, hawking, hurrumphing, sighing, spluttering, mewling, puking… The medicine cabinet was refilled every 48 hours. Then there was the daughter who spent six days in hospital after an elbow piercing turned septic, but that’s a story in itself. What is it […]

“When I was eight, I got my first pen-pal. Forty years older than me, he was a prisoner on Death Row in Columbus, Georgia.” So began a presentation my daughter gave last week to an advertising agency. “I would write to him about who’d stolen my satsuma at break and as time passed, my suspicions […]