Big Words


I love learning new words even though, as I get older, I find I often can’t remember the most commonplace words. Recently, unable to name the table, I asked my daughter to put my bag on ‘that thing over there with four legs.’ It’s odd, isn’t it, how sometimes even simple language is hard to use?

The great thing about our Tricycle group is that it will be made up of those from whom words flow effortlessly and those who construct their sentences before speaking them. Between us we’ll be able to examine all levels of text for language and meaning, bringing diverse and provocative interpretations to bear. You don’t have to be a voracious or a confident reader – you just have to enjoy, or want to improve your appreciation of, the written word.

If you’re not sure what I mean, have a look at This Week’s Poem, Tropical Death by Grace Nichols. There are so many meanings in those simply placed exclamations and it doesn’t require rocket science to find something there that demands a response!

Before using the word portentous to describe Margaret Atwood’s novels in This Week’s Quote, I found myself double-checking the meaning online because I wanted to make a very precise point. Writers are always looking for precise words and some, like Will Self, go further and get pleasure from rehabilitating unusual or obscure terms few people know.

For this reason I’ll be bringing a dictionary to all Tricycle Readers meetings – and also because I hope to introduce some short stories that have cultural or historical terms that will need explaining.

If you’re interested in joining our literary party, particularly if you live in Brent, have a look at the Join Tricycle Readers page.


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