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Tricycle Readers is a literary pick-me-up, a way of kicking away Wednesday evening blues by joining a lively and diverse group of fellow Londoners for a lively analysis of good fiction and poetry. If you’re near the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn, why not join us? Give your brain a treat.  Sessions run from 7.00-8.30 pm and it’s free!

Tricycle Readers is part of the Royal Literary Fund’s Reading Round project – a literary break for people who love the written word, or would like to be more confident readers. There’s no homework. Each week is complete in itself.  Run by local novelist Shyama Perera who brings in a story and poem to read aloud each week, the fun begins when the group looks at how the work is written, and asks why.  Click Group Texts to see work we have already tackled.

WE  begin in April 2016  and run for ten weeks with a holiday the week beginning 2 May 2016. That’s the only Wednesday you won’t find us here!

email to find out more or to put your name on the list.


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  1. Hi, please email me with details how to book a place on the reading round tricycle theatre group. Sounds fabulous. I love to read and i don’t know many people in the area, also would be beneficial to my college course, English GCSE. Thank you.


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