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Wolf Call

In recent weeks there’ve been few points of light to lift a work-strewn, chore-heavy, deadline-driven, and often bleak midwinter landscape. Angela Carter’s classic gothic tale, The Company of Wolves, rich with evocative prose from the shape-shifting heart of a forest teeming with lycanthropes, captures the mood of the season perfectly. We read it this week […]

Lights Fantastic

Light matters. This is the first discovery on moving our Tricycle Readers meetings to evenings. It’s easy to follow a story on the page when a room is flooded with natural light, but electric lights cast shadows and create dark patches. Having struggled a  little with Kazoo Ishiguro last Monday, this week I set our […]

You’re Bookered

Many years ago I was on a theatre awards panel. The judges had to see around 90 West End productions across 12 months. Even when a play was truly awful, there was the possibility of an award winning performance. Then there were the costumes, the lighting, the set, the sound, the direction… After a while, […]

Grape Expectations

At a wine tasting last night, I was discomfited by my clear lack of sophistication. Others smelt figs and melons, fire and grass. All I could smell was grape. The Chablis grape was so acidic, I got a sour taste in my mouth just on raising the glass to my nose. The Riesling, apparently, was redolent […]

Dashville Tennessee

This week I saw Gillian Anderson – the brilliant Dana Scully from The X Files – playing Blanche DuBois in Tennessee Williams’, A Streetcar Named Desire. The audience  at the Young Vic theatre were seated around a central stage that revolved for the entire three hours. The big critics enjoyed seeing the action from different […]