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Processing Data

During a telephone interview for a writing job this week, I was asked if data was singular or plural. ‘Plural’ I gulped with fingers crossed, ‘Though people use it as both.’ After the call I went dashing to Wiktionary and was relieved to have data confirmed as a plural noun (singular, datum). I was grateful […]

Face Values

On Monday, Tricycle Readers analysed a story by Salman Rushdie. After the reading, one of the group admitted she’d struggled to listen because she doesn’t like Rushdie: ‘He has a mean face. He doesn’t look a nice man’.  I was taken aback but not in a position to challenge her as, the previous night in […]

Deus ex machina

Blogging is a form of  story telling. Every entry stands alone and has a narrative arc. The beginning sets the subject. The middle is where it builds to a climax of some sort, and the ending is the pulling together of the strands to form a conclusion – and they all lived happily ever after. As a […]

Big Words

I love learning new words even though, as I get older, I find I often can’t remember the most commonplace words. Recently, unable to name the table, I asked my daughter to put my bag on ‘that thing over there with four legs.’ It’s odd, isn’t it, how sometimes even simple language is hard to […]